A Foolproof Way to Land Your Dream Job

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038 | July 12, 2021


Happy Tuesday. Welcome to the 81 new subscribers since the last installment.

This week's newsletter revisits a previous format where I try to share one helpful/useful article on each of the four themes of becoming more "dialed in": career, health, wealth and wellness. (If you like this format, or have prefer a different approach, please hit "reply" and let me know.)

Let's get into it. In this week's broadcast:


In a great interview (his first in more than a year), Naval Ravikant shared with Samantha Ryan what he would do if he was 28-years old and was dropped in an English-speaking country with no contacts or possessions and how he would start over from scratch (i.e. he provides a foolproof way to land your dream job).

I outlined his answer in full on my blog here.


If you want to get your health "dialed in" you need to stop following mainstream media, which seem either wholly incapable of interpreting research or bought and paid for by lobbyists. Never mind for a minute that evidence-based medicine is failing due to biased trials and selective publication.

Following P.D. Mangan on Twitter and reading some of the articles on his website is a good place to start. (This one on vegetable oils is a great, science-supported read on one of the most dangerous aspects of a modern, western diet that many people are still unaware of.)

Generally speaking, we make health more complicated than it has to be.

If you want to get more fit, here's a good starting place:

  • Move more
  • Lift heavy weights
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat real whole foods
  • Get ample sunlight and fresh air
  • Eat more protein; less processed carbs

Great conversation with good people also helps!


This article from ConvertKit founder, Nathan Barry, on "The Ladders of Wealth Creation: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Wealth" is so good. I apologize in advance if I've shared it in a previous version of this newsletter, but it's worth a read if building wealth is something you think about/aspire to. Also, it's long, but, again, worth it. I printed it out and saved it for an evening read with an adult beverage after the kids went to bed.

Eight principles to grow your wealth and income over time:

  1. Extra time and money need to be reinvested
  2. You can skip ahead, but you still have to learn the lessons from each step
  3. Apply your existing skills in a new way to build wealth
  4. There’s a difference between working for a better wage and truly building wealth
  5. Using an earlier rung on the ladder to fund the next one
  6. Moving between ladders often means a decrease in income
  7. Each step is easier with an audience
  8. It takes longer than you think, but the results can be incredible


The 7 secrets:

  • Accept your partner “as is”: You can return it to the store but trying to repair it yourself voids the warranty.
  • Express appreciation frequently: You’re with them for a reason. Tell them the reason. Often.
  • Communicate from integrity: Admit when you’re wrong. And don’t punish them for telling the truth, even if you don’t like the truth.
  • Share and explore differences with your partner: Don’t dodge the tough stuff. It’s okay to agree to disagree.
  • Support your partner’s goals: If it matters to them, it’d be a really good thing if it mattered to you too.
  • Give your partner the right to be wrong: You’re not perfect. So don’t insist that they be.
  • Reconsider your wants as goals: They don’t “have to” do anything. But if you stop insisting, they might start agreeing.

You can find the full post, from one of my favorite writers, Eric Barker, here.

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